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VmWare Lasercat3 2021-09
VmWare12 Lasercat3 2021-09 in Win7 32bit, costs $65

Size 22GB total, 7GB archive (WinRAR)
Installation ISO of 2021-09, 2021-05, 2021-03 and 2020-05 is also available!

Description: LaserCat3 USA is a catalog of non-original auto parts (substitutes) for all cars in the US market. The Laser Cat catalog presents the entire automotive market of the American market from 1962 to 2022. Almost all manufacturers and rebuilding companies are covered. The catalog of spare parts of LaserCat USA Triad contains norm-hours practically for all works, except body. Before working with the LaserCat program, be sure to create a list of companies you are interested in, otherwise the function of finding spare parts by number will not work. Prices for USD are indicated for any detail - Jober, List, Dealer, etc. The program is indispensable for companies selling spare parts for American cars.

This VM use a time-change to program starts and works correctly.

To get the data on payment for the program and get a link for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.

Main Windows:
[Image: 01-Main-Windows.jpg]

Program Version:
[Image: 02-About-program.jpg]

Program Work:
[Image: 03-New-search-start-Year-select.jpg]
[Image: 04-Manufacturer-select.jpg]
[Image: 05-Model-select.jpg]
[Image: 06-Engine-select.jpg]
[Image: 07-Group-select.jpg]
[Image: 08-Sub-Group-select.jpg]
[Image: 09-Parts-with-small-preview.jpg]
[Image: 10-Additional-Detail-Information.jpg]

If you use that VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

Previous version of Virtual Machines is also available !

VM version 2021-05, $45
[Image: 2-About.jpg]

VM version 2021-03, $40
[Image: 2-About.jpg]

VM version 2020-05, $30
[Image: 2-About.jpg]

VM version 2019-02, $25
[Image: 2-About.jpg]

VM version 2018-02, $20
[Image: 2-About.jpg]

Attached Files
Virtuals LIST.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 0 times
Size: 107 bytes

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