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That tool is used to diagnose models starting in 2010. I saw that MDI is necessary, you know where you can get?
Thank you.
All over EBAY
google is best place to find out the tool
The Drewtech products work very good for all systems. You can also try ELM OBD-2 diagnostics for engine only.
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Can GM MDI tool be used for Chevrolet/Daewoo 2005-2010??
Gm mdi can not.
for older models of daewoo, I use tech2win with midi or CARDAG3+, but I choose the diagnostic programs myself in the search by year and model - \since the engines and accp and abs correspond to the Chevrolet Europe and USA ECU\ but other ECU units may all be different \ the scanner skamantik pro or pro2 may be suitable for diagnostics \ link to view

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