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OBD2 Buy, OBD2, OBDII, OBD, car diagnostic, truck scanner, workshop, Chip tuning, fault code reader, IMMO
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OBD2 Buy, OBD2, OBDII, OBD, car diagnostic, truck scanner, workshop, Chip tuning, fault code reader, IMMO
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BMW ISPI NEXT 3.47.10 + ISTAP 54.3.002 + Loader V2.0 for (K/DCAN) + Clone HDD
hi! Thanks for this great stuff. is it only works on 'C' drive? Is it possible to install to anywhere else
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hello any torrent for this? thanks
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installation video removed ftom youtube. can you reupload or if it's already uploaded can you post new link ?
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Thanks you a lot, going to test it, i'm still using DIS and INPA.
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hi anyone know how to install this windows with all programs into a new partition? or a new computer to run like a normal windows but with these stuffs..thanks
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thank you for upload.
Thanks given by: Administrator
Hello and thanks for upload. Can anyone tell how to install Ista D and Ista P ? The Youtubevideo is down :-(
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